Al Sahra Bottle Design

Al Sahra Botanical Skincare

Crafting a believable brand is a daunting task when you’re starting a business, however it should be an exciting process. Working with Al Sahra Botanical Skincare has been a great project full of development and exploration. Together we have refined a memorable tagline and a strong brand statement. Mapped out a compelling backstory story for the founders, and the unearthed the origins of brand. All of which combined with the craft of their stunning visual identity.

How did we do it?

Working closely with the client, the creation of their brand was taken in small steps initially examining the visual brand. This entailed firstly examining both the initial and the long term (dream) competition, and from a visual point of view exploring how the brand will stand out. This was done through a competitor analysis and mood boards to establish a tone of voice.

After this process was completed the design of the visual identity started. With the information gather there was a solid understanding of how to differentiate from the competition and also a clear vision of the overall style and colour palette that the brand would have. The ideation process, followed by honest revision cycles resulted in the strong logo and monogram which is the foundation of the visual brand.

To create a successful brand the crafting of a strong tagline and story is essential. It creates the emotional conncection to the product to make it truly stand out from the competition. Our Core Brand Workshop explored Al Sahra’s target demographic and aided by it’s step-by-step process resulted in the creation of an concise brand statement, tagline and gave the foundation to the brand story. All designed to work both as a set and separately whilst still providing the same consistent message.

Brand Statement

‘Al Sahra provides botanical skincare to modern eco-conscious women with traditional values in a knowledgable environment with a friendly & professional voice. Helping them feel valued and empowered.

Brand Story

‘Al Sahra, a skincare collection to bring an oasis to you and your skin. I have designed the products in this skincare collection to provide your skin with expert blends. These are the result of years of experimentation, trials and struggles intertwined with happy tears and the moment when finally, it all came together.

Al Sahra, which means desert in Arabic is about infusing herbs used in traditional Islamic Medicine with modern science based on botanicals. Draining the goodness of the olive trees, embracing the exquisiteness
of pomegranates, draining leaves of aloe and merging the colours of nature with unique ingredients to create Al Sahra.

All expertly blended for you with extensive research and years of experience. All created while respecting the laws of the halal way of life. All with the intention of capturing that moment, those few tranquil minutes of the day where you have no responsibilities, no worries or expectations. Leaving you free to be the real you.

To have your own oasis in the desert.’

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