Pinks Boutique Brand Manual
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Pinks Boutique Brand Manual
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Pinks Boutique – Brand Manual

In order to spread the message and values of Pinks Boutique across their spa network it was becoming more and more essential to develop a strong brand manual. To highlight the benefits of working with them rather than their competition.

How did we do it?

Working closely with the client, the creation of the brand manual for Pinks Boutique started the shift in their corporate identity. This document was the first time the great photography of venues and products took preference over the copy text. The imagery was intentionally chosen to draw your eyes attention first and then lead you to the copy text, the aim of this is make the manual a tool rather than a hard sell tactic. The subtle details highlighting their showcase clients such as John Lewis &Beauty, The Scarlet Hotel Spa and in the Aman Hotel chain are intertwined within beautiful photography.

Negative space plays a big role in the manual. It’s intention isn’t to shout, but to be something a spa would be happy to leave out when a client enters the room. It’s high end finish makes it feel at home in a small salon or a 5 star hotel spa.

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